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Bringing Thought Leaders Together at The UK River Summit

At Orvis UK, we care passionately about the environment which sustains our sport. Fish rely on the health of our waters and, as part of our commitment to conservation, we want to help facilitate positive change to keep our rivers flowing with clean water. Hosted on the Orvis Kimbridge Beat at the heart of The River Test on 13th June, The UK River Summit will bring together some of the country’s most influential conservation experts to talk about the state of our rivers in the UK and the action needed.

Beginning at 9.30am with a panel discussion, including Actor Jim Murray, Penny Gane of Fish Legal, Jamie Cook of Angling Trust and Nick Measham of WildFish, with more to be announced, we will discuss various topics across, agricultural pollution, impacts of sewage and industrial practices in the countryside, followed by a Q&A.

Guests will be provided with a riverside lunch by Nick Weston and his team at Hunter Gather Cook, followed by an afternoon on the River Test with workshops from Hunter Gather Cook, Swarovski Optics and Orvis UK. 

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