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We thoroughly enjoyed our evening with Colin Macleod on 1st February, as we listened to sections of his book ‘Mullet on the Fly’, which provides an exciting insight into his extensive fly fishing adventures. It is Colin’s first book, which he puts “down to the two ‘C’s’: chance and covid”. His work aims to help beginners into the world of fly fishing, and to aid mullet itself as a species.

Colin began with an engaging introduction, which conveys the nature of saltwater fly fishing, and highlights just some of the main attractions.

He explains, “Saltwater fly fishing has long been considered the preserve of the wealthy; venturing to far-flung destinations in search of exotic species. But now the homegrown version is rapidly growing in popularity, as a small but growing band of converts look to the salt for their sport. Blessed with over 11,000 miles of coastline, Britain remains essentially untapped as a source of vibrant and exciting saltwater fishing, and perhaps best of all, the fishing is free. Destination holidays to tropical climates in search of exhilarating sport with tremendously powerful fish continues to be the aspiration of many a fly fisher but if the dream should fail to materialise, then all is not lost for a taste of the Caribbean swims on our very doorstop. Grey mullet have earned the mantle ‘British bonefish’, in recognition of their fighting prowess, and they are fast developing as a cult species amongst UK saltwater fly fishers.”

Following the readings, many people asked a variety of interesting questions, which Colin answered with invaluable, expert advice. He covered a wide range of topics; from the importance of flow to find and catch mullet to what varying water depths mean for the sport and much much more - all with some top-notch tactics along the way.

In case you missed it, you can listen to Colin’s reading and learn from the Q&A’s here:



Colin Macleod - Fish in the Reads - Mullet on the Fly from Orvis Marketing on Vimeo.


You can also purchase a copy of ‘Mullet on the Fly’ by Colin Macleod here:

Mullet on the Fly Book | Fly Fishing Book | Fly Pattern Book |Sportfish

Mullet on the Fly by Colin Macleod Book Cover

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