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Communication and collaboration: The key to environmental solutions

Following the success of the first two River Festivals in France (2022, 2023) and the inaugural UK River Summit last year, which took place on the Ginger Beer beat of the River Test, the famous chalkstream in Hampshire close to our heart, The UK River Summit & Festival has gained an enormous sense of support on a national level and is now set to take place on another beloved chalkstream, The River Wandle, at Morden Hall on 21st May 2024.

The River Wandle is a unique urban river which celebrates a rich historical and ecological background. A tributary of the Thames to the southwest of London, the Wandle consists of 15 miles of rich chalkstream habitat, which in its industrial heyday was the ‘hardest working river in London’, harnessing over 90 mills along its banks throughout time. After being declared a sewer in the 60s and subsequent restoration work, The Wandle is now a much loved, healthier river home to a variety of species and anglers too.

Speaking about the setting for the event, Claire Zambuni, founder of The UK River Summit & Festival said “Morden Hall, London, situated on the River Wandle, is a fitting venue to host a Summit about the state of our rivers in the U.K, as it is a location which serves as a reminder of how nature, river wildlife, and urban life can peacefully coexist. It is also perfectly positioned as an accessible oasis in a bustling city, meaning we are able to welcome a much wider audience to this event. We invite the public to learn first-hand the issues our rivers are facing, bring key environmental stakeholders together to build relationships, and distill our anger to make a positive change.”  

As we navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing planet, the key to environmental progress lies in facilitating continuous dialogue between various players – from government officials and NGOs to businesses and the public. This event aims to bridge the gaps and act as a platform for collaboration and communication to improve our river health.

The UK River Summit & Festival will bring together leading international, national, and local environmentalists, policy makers, businesses, brands, individuals, and members of the public who share a desire to work towards a more positive future for our rivers. Attendees will gain informed knowledge from the voices behind the headlines, be able to ask direct questions, work collaboratively to find solutions, engage in community-led initiatives, and celebrate our rivers.

With key voices including Lawrence Gosden (CEO of Southern Water), Lila Thompson (CEO of British Water), Feargal Sharkey (Campaigner and Vice Chair of River Action UK), Penny Gane (Head of Practice at Fish Legal), James Wallace (CEO of River Action UK), Shaun Leonard (Director at Wild Trout Trust), Bella Davies (CEO of South East Rivers Trust), Jim Murray (Actor and Founder of Activist Anglers), Dani Jordan (Surfers Against Sewage), Rachel Salvidge (Director, Watershed Investigations) and many more, the event promises to draw direct attention to the historic and current situation surrounding our waterways and what needs to be done to enact positive change.

This is just the beginning of a powerful movement. From here, The UK River Summit & Festival will grow, ignite crucial conversations across the country, and bolster collaboration and communication in the environmental sphere so that in this lifetime, we can witness a promising transformation of the health our precious rivers.

Book your ticket to this year's UK River Summit now!

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