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Ahead of the Beginner’s Saltwater weekend on 25th and 26th June 2022, we spoke to Orvis Beginners Saltwater Weekend Guide and Fishing Manager at Go Fishing Worldwide, David Dinsdale, about his extensive, valuable experiences in the fly fishing world…

David Dinsdale, Guide for the Orvis Beginner's Saltwater Festival 2021

“I grew up fishing in South Africa from about the age of 4, learning from my uncles on the Breede River in the Western Cape.

Here, I started off bait casting, targeting Spotted Grunter with mud prawn bait. I later in life learnt the rewards of fly fishing at the age of 15.

Having had no one to teach me, I spent my days hunched over fly fishing magazines or watching videos as often as I could so as to improve my knowledge and casting ability.

After immigrating to the UK 7 years ago, I found myself wanting to pursue fly fishing at it’s heart in Yorkshire. I created a Facebook group called Yorkshire Fly Guys. The intention of this group was to bring together like minded anglers in the hopes of creating a community that shared information with those who needed help. Before we knew it, we were organising fishing trips for the members to local waters and fisheries, as well as organising fly tying evenings at the local pub. From that day on I had decided that for better or worse, Fly Fishing was my calling! I wanted to do all I could to make sure that this was the industry I was in - one where I could share my passion of the sport and all its benefits with the world!

After moving to London in August of 2019, I found myself in the fortunate position of Being the Fly-Fishing Manager for Orvis in London. It was a dream job come true for any Fly Fisherman and a pleasure to be able to help other aspiring fly fishermen on their journey.

Sadly, Orvis UK decided to close their doors to the public earlier this year. But, as one door closes, another opens. I am now in the position of Fishing Manager for Go Fishing Worldwide, a travel, fishing destination company that sends clients to over 35 countries around the world for destination fishing holidays. Be it the Bahamas for Bonefish, Norway for Salmon or even the Zambezi for Tiger Fish, we have a destination for you!

Here at Go Fishing Worldwide, our fishing holidays are all inclusive which cover flights, accommodation, meals, guides, and transfers to and from the resort. With over 35 destinations to choose from, we are more than happy to tailor any fishing holiday to meet your needs.

My dream now, is to open my home waters of South Africa’s aquatic species and stunning landscapes to the world and show the wonders to be had in fishing around the globe.

In the last few years, fly fishing has made a change from the “elitist sport” that it was once known as to a sport that anyone can pick up and pursue. And it is our responsibility to raise awareness of accessibility to this sport that is steeped in tradition and heritage.”

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