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Experiencing Orvis: The Catch Series

At Orvis UK, we are committed to introducing new people to fly fishing and supporting their journey. From offering people their first casting lesson to free Stockbridge store-based theory, our team are passionate about gently guiding people in the right direction and giving them the skills they need to go out fishing with confidence, be it with friends or on their own.

We therefore host accessible events right across the UK throughout the year. A fine example is our new, immersive, hands-on series of experiences - the “Catch Series” – offering a variety of days dedicated entirely to catching specific species of fish.

Led by ever popular Orvis endorsed guides such as Colin Macleod and Michael Rescorle, customers taking part in the “Catch Series” can expect to come away with the tools they need to enjoy a day’s fishing without constraints. Not only will they learn the techniques, fly patterns, and secrets to successfully catching the UK’s most sought-after species, but they will hone their independence, autonomy, and gain a sense of ownership of their budding passion. The day is, in essence, the perfect stepping-stone for amateurs and experienced anglers alike to try something completely new.

Here, we hear from both guest and guide about their Catch Series experiences:

Orvis guest, Iona Mackay, joined the Catch a Chalkstream Trout Day at Abbots Worthy. She said “The sun was shining as I walked down to the riverbank for my first Catch Series experience at Abbots Worthy, on the Itchen. Having driven down from London, the sound of fresh water flowing and birdsong was as refreshing as it gets, and Richard, our guide for the day, greeting me with a warm welcome and a cup of coffee immediately made me feel at home. The handful of guests that arrived had very little fly-fishing experience, so Richard gave us all some simple top tips to get us going and we spent the day immersing ourselves in our surroundings; watching the water for movement, soaking in the sun, and stopping to share a picnic lunch. We had several nibbles from trout throughout the day and there were some Mayfly around too. What’s more is, I had the chance to chat to people and get to know them in a very relaxed, open setting. I couldn’t recommend my experience more highly.”

Orvis-endorsed guide, Michael Rescorle, runs the Catch a Bass Series and has spent the last few years introducing hundreds of people to saltwater fly-fishing through the Orvis Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival. He said “Saltwater fly-fishing is one of the fastest growing disciplines in recreational angling. Why? Well, the UK is an island surrounded by thousands of miles of coastline, much of it teeming with fish. There’s no day ticket or licence required. Setting the alarm for zero o’clock, picking up a friend, driving early through the morning mist, grabbing a bacon butty and a mug of tea from a local café just to watch the sunrise over a beach can be awesome.”

You can book any Catch Series experience, including pike, grayling, bass, mullet, trout and more with Orvis endorsed guides here: Orvis Fishing | Fly Fishing Gear | The Catch Series – Orvis UK

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