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Rivers have long been central to civilization. From the first settlement of Mesopatomia (literally meaning ‘between two rivers’) where the foundations of civilization - maths, science, time, abstract thought and more - were laid between the Tigris and Euphrates, to the Nile, the hero of the Egyptian story and the longest river in the world, a river that flows both south and north allowing for a double carriage-way of trade and travel. To now, today, when rivers are still central to our systems.

For the fly-fishers among us, rivers are central to our systems in the best kind of way. They take us on adventures, to the outdoors and beyond. They give us breadth, and space, and a tantalising challenge. Rivers allure us with their ever flowing charm, constantly calling us to come back for more…

Here at Orvis UK, this July we are celebrating all of this. We are celebrating all fly fishing rivers and streams.

Every river means something different to every person. On entering the Fly Fishers Club, one signs the ‘visitor’s book’ by favourite fly fishing river. Is yours the Test? The Dee? The Wye? The Boyne?

We want to know which rivers challenge you, which rivers you hope to fish, and which rivers feel like home. We love hearing your fly fishing stories and journeys via varying waters.

This month, we have a series of opportunities for you to join us in celebrating our UK rivers and streams. We have ongoing:

  • Fun, free and simple river tactical advice in our Stockbridge Store from our Store Associates

  • Free improver classes with great watercraft tips in store

  • Fly Tying Saturdays: Join us in store to tie essential river fly patterns

  • Facebook Lives - Orvis PRO guides help us to celebrate the summer river fishing season

  • Free to enter Daily competitions

 So, come and join us, share your river stories, and celebrate our rivers and streams this month!

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