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Last Chance of a Salmon

Cheshire-based Orvis Endorsed Guide, Ian Griffin, reflects on his 2022 season.

Up on the River Nith in Dumfriesshire for the last few days of the 2022 salmon season, weather wasn’t looking too good, high water when we arrived on the Monday so that was the end of that but at least the height was dropping and clearing, despite this we did see fish.

Tuesday was much better, still high but even clearer, set up for the start of the day was 14’Mission #9, Hydros SL V reel loaded with an 9# Orvis short spey line with a fast sink tip & a Willie Gunn double. Again a few fish were around & at one point whilst fishing the Policemans PoolI thought I was in, only for it to be a 49cm Grayling. It was a shame to take it out of the water but it was well and truly hooked, quickly unhooked photo and safely returned.

Change of set up, switched to a medium sink tip, this time fishing the Riding Stone Pool, Half way down the pool a hard hit, this time it was an out of season brownie that had grabbed the fly, quick photo whilst in the water and off it went.

1st December and we switched on to target the Grayling for a few hours, set up was 10’ Orvis Recon #4 and Battenkill reel before we headed for home, a couple of small fish came to hand, so a nice way to finish this trip.

Fly fishing rod laid on a log in front of a river

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