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After a career in Investment Management in the city, I moved back to the country and followed my passion into Fly Fishing. I first picked up a fly rod with a friend who's a guide in Lancashire. After an hour going through the motions of casting, off we went Trout Fishing, not long after, I had landed my first Wild Brown Trout, swiftly followed by another and a Sea Trout. I had caught the Fly-Fishing Bug and apparently 'A Natural!' 

After this, my Fly-Fishing journey took me to Nidderdale, Yorkshire and a handful of Demo days across Cumbria, to develop my casting skills. 

I then decided to take up the challenge of Salmon Fishing, through contacts I was invited to the Scottish Borders, to fish Tweed for the King of Fish, which was a wonderful introduction and experience. 

A handful of days here and there on Salmon, learning the technique of Spey Casting, etc, before low and behold, Covid restrictions came into force and my fishing adventures was put on hold. 

Fast Forward to April 2021, and I moved from Cumbria up to the Scottish Borders to follow my passion for Angling and to further develop my skills. I now work Full Time helping to manage a beat on Tweed for Salmon Fishing and continuing to enjoy my passion of Angling and share my knowledge with all our fishing guests and create a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere for them to enjoy their time on the river. 

Now the 2021 season has finished on Tweed, I can reflect on what a wonderful experience it has been so far. Moments of frustration at losing fish, to jubilation at landing and safely returning my first Salmon, a 15.5lb Hen Fish, followed by another at 13.5lb. 

As I look back on my Fly-Fishing journey so far, I realise how it has taken me to some wonderful locations across the country, meeting people from all walks of life, who share the same passion for angling as myself. Coming from a family who have no experience in Fly Fishing/country pursuits, it makes it all the more special as I always enjoy recounting my angling tales to them, but also, to show others from all walks of life, that Fly Fishing is an easily accessible past time.  

Orvis Salmon Fishing

Whilst on the river, my focus has helped me to clear my mind and to take a step back from the worries of the day and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. 

On my journey, I have always had Orvis products by my side, my first pair of waders were Orvis and I have not looked back since!

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