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The beginning of a movement for change on our rivers: The UK River Summit 2024

“The doors may have closed on The UK River Summit 2024, but the conversations that have begun as a result of this event are open-ended. With such a diverse range of environmental stakeholders having stood together under one roof, on an independent platform, and in an engaging and unique atmosphere, there is now a concrete trajectory for tangible change for our rivers. The UK River Summit brought together the stone throwers and there are definitely ripples of change in the water now.”

These are the words of Claire Zambuni, Founder of The UK River Summit & Festival, an event which this year offered interested parties the opportunity to learn, question, and build relationships while also finding time to celebrate our rivers, engage in community-led initiatives, and experiences based on the River Wandle – a unique urban chalk stream intertwining a rich historical past with current ecological importance.

Orvis UK are proud to have partnered with this impactful event from its inception, bringing people together and celebrating the role that anglers play within these critical conversations.

In its 2nd year running, the event was set at Morden Hall, London, on 21st May 2024. The UK River Summit provided a platform for collaboration and communication on the current issues and solutions required to improve the health of our rivers and was attended by over 250 people from environmentalists, policy makers, regulators, campaigners, anglers, media, film makers, artists, celebrities, comedians, businesses, politicians and members of the public, all of whom share a desire to work towards a more positive future for our rivers.

The Orvis UK team was pleased to be surrounded by a plethora of outdoor enthusiasts, and to be able to welcome them to the world of fly fishing with kit and casting demonstrations, and much more throughout the day.

Panel discussions included “It’s not all about sewage”, “The Freshwater Emergency: From Scarcity to Abundance”, “Future of Farming”, “Effecting Policy in Rivers”, a cross-party discussion on water security for the future with leading politicians and “The History of the River Wandle” with Dr Jack Hogan to be viewed online soon.

It was acknowledged that trust in the water industry is at an all-time low, and that comprehensive collaboration is needed. Actor and Activist Angler, Jim Murray, highlighted this in his impactful speech in which he called for unity, partnership, and a radical rethink to put the water system right for the long term. He directly challenged leaders in the water industry that a massive culture change is needed.

We all have our part to play in affecting change. Philip Duffy (CEO of Environment Agency) commented that despite the UK facing a possible shortfall of five billion litres of water a day by 2050, he and his colleagues felt the public did not take water scarcity seriously. The scale of the challenge was conveyed at The UK River Summit, but this needs to be extended further and each of us can help through the way we use water at home.

All in all, The UK River Summit has, as Claire says, opened the door for essential change on our UK Rivers, and as a business that depends on the health of our waterways and the people who cherish them, we are proud to support this movement and to see where it will take us.

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