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Fly-Tying Vises & Tools

Fly-Tying Vises & Tools

Settle in at the bench with fly-tying tools, fly tying vises, accessories, and solutions made to make the most of the off-season. A novice tyer can pick up a fly tying vise at a competitive price, and proficient tyers can upgrade to one with all the bells and whistles. Sturdy and versatile rotating fly tying vises keep flies-in-progress steady and provide smooth movement when you need it for a hassle-free tying experience. Snap up a stationary clamp vice as a backup or take a travel vise on the road and never quit tying. Our fly tying tools make quick work of any pattern you tie. Choose from simple threading and knot-tying tools, easily maneuverable scissors, or tweezers made for plucking and grabbing—and watch your flies come together effortlessly. Our collection of fly tying tools delivers dependable fly-tying vises, tools, and organising solutions to help you churn out fly after fly.

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