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Fly Rod Guarantee

We were the first rod company in the world to offer a guarantee, and it is still the best. Purchase an Orvis graphite rod and, for a quarter of a century, we'll repair your rod no questions asked. If we can't repair it, we'll choose a current rod of at least equal value to replace it. Either way, your investment is assured. For rods manufactured after January 2003, there will be a nominal handling charge of £60. By purchasing an Orvis rod, you have placed your trust in our commitment to quality. The 25-year Guarantee is our thank you.

If your rod breaks:

  1. Call 0333 400 4180 or, for international calls, +44 1264 349555 anytime or email to get a repair number, shipping address, and payment instructions.
  2. Send the entire rod to us, no matter which piece is broken. Package your broken rod it its tube, and place it securely in a heavy cardboard shipping container.
  3. IMPORTANT... Enclose your name, shipping address, daytime telephone number, email address, and repair number inside the package.

How long will it take?

We will return your rod to you, as good as new, usually in three weeks*.

Please note: Customs formalities are required from 1st January 2021 on all services, including repairs and exchanges, as the UK is no longer part of the EU. Orders outside of the UK may be subject to local import duties and taxes. These are levied when the delivery reaches its specific destination and you, the customer, will be responsible for the payment of any such duties and taxes. These are determined by the destination country.


Purchase a H3, Recon, Superfine Glass or Carbon (since 01/01/88), Clearwater (since 01/01/99), or Clearwater Frequent Flyer rod from Orvis and we will repair or replace it no matter what the reason, for a quarter of a century. Step on it, close the door on it, run over it with the car - it doesn't matter, we'll fix it. If we can't repair it, we'll replace it with a newer model rod of at least equal value. Your investment is assured for a nominal shipping and handling charge. This 25-year guarantee also applies to all Zero Gravity, T3, TLS, or Clearwater fly rods originally purchased from Orvis.

*The turnaround time for a rod repair can vary greatly. A simple repair done outside the peak fishing season can be turned around in three days, and 94% of all our repairs are done in less than a week. A more complex repair done in peak season, or if the parts are hard to come by, can take as much as 3-6 weeks. If you are in urgent need of a rod to keep fishing, we can loan you one for the duration.


Rods marked with the letter R on the cork grip are reconditioned rods that are sold at discount events. When these rods are sold, the purchaser understands that they do not carry the Orvis unconditional 25-Year Guarantee, nor do they carry the lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship.


The Orvis 25-Year Guarantee is valid only for the original owner of a rod. Rods sold on eBay or similar online auctions carry the guarantee as long as they are new rods sold by authorised Orvis dealers. Used rods sold on eBay or any other website do not carry this guarantee.


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