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The world famous River Test on our flagship beat at Kimbridge.

Weekend Beginners Course On The River Test

This course is run on the world famous River Test on our flagship beat at Kimbridge. The beat is a 1/3 mile of single bank fishing with interesting shallows and a bubbling top pool. Our instructors will help you master everything from setting up the rod, to fly selection and knots, to how to safely catch and release your fish.

We will cover:

Fly casting techniques
Essential knots
How to chose your tackle
Stream entomology (the science of insects)
Proper fly selection
How to read the water and currents
How to play, land and safely release fish


Date: 27th-28th April 2024 - SOLD OUT

Price: £495 per person

Please contact Orvis Sporting Adventures to book this trip:

Phone: 01264-349515


Please let the team know when you book this course if you have any health concerns or additional needs. Our courses run for the full day (or weekend) and do require standing for long periods of time. Our goal is to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe day on the river, so please let us know if you require any additional support.


Itinerary Day 1

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Itinerary for the Day 1
Assemble, welcome address and introductions.

"What is Fly Fishing"?
Requirements, food, oxygen, cover
Senses, vision, vibration, lateral line
Identification, brown, rainbow

The Overhead Cast
Theory, mechanics
Demonstration, common faults, broken wrist, etc.
Tackle up
Casting under instruction

Roll & Side Cast
Theory, mechanics
Demonstration, uses
Casting under instruction

Coffee and discussion

Use of seign and dip net
Separate samples, families
Life cycle, mayfly
Show representative artificials

Four turn water knot
Improved tucked half blood
Self cutting ability, wind knots

Knotless tapered, presentation
Loop to loop join
x number, diameter, braking strain
Tippet, to fly size

Fish Location
Oxygen, water flow, food, cover, station
The "Rise"
Polaroid glasses
Observation, shadows, tail movement, whites of the mouth
Food flows, surface collection, obstructions

Fishing Etiquette


Fishing Methods
Downstream and across
Speed of swing, mending line, on the dangle
Upstream dry fly
Theory and demonstration
The strike or lift
Playing a fish, side strain, keep fish upstream
Netting and releasing a fish

Issue of tackle, flies, leaders etc.

Fishing under instruction


Completion of day one - depart.

Itinerary Day 2

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Itinerary for the Day 2
Assemble at Kimbridge Hut

Morning Recap
Recap of Saturday
Questions and answers

Casting warm up
Roll cast
Overhead Cast
Side cast

Shooting Line
Improve line speed (haul) L/H
Theory and demonstration

Casting under Instruction

Coffee and Discussion

Set up of Tackle

Fishing under instruction


Fishing under instruction


Weigh in

Issue of certificates

Group Photo

End of Day - Depart


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Area Activities for Hamphire

- Mottisfont Gardens
- Winchester Cathedral
- Salisbury Cathedral
- Stonehenge
- Broadlands in Romsey. Home of Lord Mountbatten.

- Walking in the New Forest
- Walk the Test Way


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Question: What is the best time of year to fish?

Answer: Any time of the season can be good.

Question: When does the school start and end? What will we be doing and how long will be fishing?

Answer: See the itinerary for the schedule.

Question: What is included in the price?

Answer: All equipment and lunches both days.

Question: Is accommodation included?

Answer: No but we will be delighted to advise on accommodation locally.

Question: How many people will be attending?

Answer: A maximum of 10 with two qualified instructors.

Question: What is the cancellation policy?

Answer: 30 days notice is required to ensure that your deposit it refunded. However late cancellations are taken on their merit.

Why Attend?

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Reasons to Attend The Orvis Fly Fishing Schools

Over the years, we have had many students tell us how "attending the fly fishing school has eliminated what would have been countless hours of frustration on learning how to fly cast on my own".

In the Orvis Fly Fishing Schools, you will learn and participate in:

- The Orvis Progressive Method of Fly Casting – A time-tested method of learning how to fly cast that is adaptable to most types of fly fishing.

- Choosing the right rods, reels and lines appropriate for the type of fishing you will be doing.

- Knot tying

- Fly Selection

- Reading water

- Fishing under instruction

Fly fishing is a wonderful sport that gives you a lifetime of enjoyment and takes you to the most beautiful places in the world. Whether you are a total beginner or have been fly fishing for many years, the Orvis Fly Fishing Schools can handle all levels of experience. With a 4:1 student to instructor ratio, you are assured of plenty of individual attention. Let the pros at the Orvis Fly Fishing Schools teach you skills for a lifetime that you will take to beautiful places.

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