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Learn to Fly-Fish: Spey Casting Clinic with Brett O'Connor

Back for 2024! Orvis Endorsed Guide and AAPGAI Master instructor, Brett O'Connor for a two-hour casting clinic, looking to help you learn or improve double-handed fly rod casting.

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Learn to Fly-Fish: Spey Casting Clinic with Brett O'Connor - Back for 2024!

This 2-hour lesson is ideal for anyone seeking to learn or improve casting double-handed fly rods. So, whether you're learning from scratch, or an old hand trying to get out of bad habits, Brett's experience can make all the difference.

Brett O'Connor is a highly qualified, vibrant and enthusiastic fly-casting instructor, Orvis Endorsed Guide and AAPGAI Master instructor.

Participants are encouraged to use their own rod outfits, however, alternative double-handed rod are also available to use. Participants are also required to bring waders, a hat and a pair of sunglasses (preferably polarised) for sun protection and safety. Please contact customer services if you require any advice on wading gear.

Location: Fordingbridge, Hampshire 


Morning Session: 10:00-12:00

Afternoon Session: 12:30-14:30

Important Information:

Orvis Experiences: Terms and Conditions.



10 mins prior to your session - Meet Brett at the agreed location.

Session start - Welcome to your Spey Casting tuition lesson. 

The Spey cast is merely a roll cast preceded by a change of direction. Learning to Spey Cast involves learning two other casts first, The Roll Cast and the Jump Roll Cast. It is learning to do these two casts correctly that makes learning to Spey Cast so much easier. The Double Spey Cast can easily be taught in one session, and this is usually included when teaching the Single Spey Cast, or Circle Spey. 

15 mins before the end of your session - Final Q&As

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