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Rite Bobbin

Maximize thread control with this fly-tying bobbin.


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The only ultra-functional, micro-adjustable-tension fly tying bobbin on the market today boasts maximum thread control thanks to a unique brass tension wheel and top-quality components. Made in Nye, Montana, the Rite Bobbin comes in three versions to suit any tying application. Standard and Shorty both feature a unique brass tension adjuster for more control as you tie, a durable ceramic thread tube, a solid brass arm, a small-diameter barrel, a removable vinyl grip, 1.9-oz. of thread tension, and click-drag adjustment. The Ceramic Standard is our most popular version, with an ultra-versatile ceramic tube insert. From small midges to larger saltwater flies, the Standard is durable and long-lasting. For smaller flies requiring finesse, the Shorty features a smaller barrel, perfect for BWOs, midges, and small parachutes where a full-size bobbin just takes up too much space. Ideal for smaller hands, the Shorty features all the great features you've come to love in the Standard. Large flies, especially those with longer shanks such as streamers or saltwater flies, require their own version of finesse. The Ceramic Magnum offers additional length with the same durability as its smaller cousins. Ideal for cranking out large numbers of hefty flies, the zirconia ceramic insert ensures tough, stiff materials won't be damaged by the bobbin. 4½" reach with surgical-quality stainless steel components. Heavy-duty thread tension (2 to 16-oz. and very high-pressure click drag system. Excellent for spinning deer hair. Made in USA.

In short, standard, magnum.

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