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Family Fishing: Let's Go Fishing

Guest post by Chad Critchley. Photography by Samantha Hulley.

Fishing has been such an important part of my life since the age of 11. It has taken me to places I would otherwise not have seen or experienced, and made me friends that I hold as some of the closest people in my life. Most importantly, fishing has ensured a healthy mind, it has provided me with a much-needed release from the stresses and worries that working and personal life constantly throws at us, and I have certainly had my fair share!

For these reasons, I believe it is incredibly important that the young generations have the same, a release, a time away from social media, a break from the technological world, and away from peer pressure. Other than advances in equipment, fly fishing provides all of this and takes you close to the natural world, thinking of nothing but fishing and nature.

I introduced my daughter to fly fishing at the same age I began fishing. She is very much like I was as a child and keen on the outdoors, and she took to it instantly. This was a dream of mine, sharing my passion for the sport with one of the most important people in my life, and knowing that I am giving her the opportunity to ‘just get away from it all’ whenever the need arises. Whenever times get tough, or there is heartache in her life, I can just say, ‘Let’s go fishing’, and, if only for a short time, escape from it all.

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