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Family Fishing: Treasure the Moments

Guest post by Brett O'Connor.

In this digital world filled with screens, games consoles, phones, and TVs, I fully acknowledge the wonders of these devices, but I also believe in moderation. Like most kids, my children love spending time with technology, and I'm okay with that. However, I'm a firm believer in the importance of getting them outside to enjoy the fresh air, wildlife, and being close to the water. Luckily, they do like being outdoors, but I secretly wish they would enjoy the riverside as much as I do.

Being out in nature together is something we cherish. Watching wildlife, spotting fish, and feeding the ducks bring us joy. Fishing is one of our favourite activities, and when luck is on our side, and we catch a fish, their excitement is contagious. It's a mix of delight and nervousness, and honestly, I don't know who's more thrilled, them or me. Sometimes, we take turns playing the fish or using the net to land it, and it becomes a true team effort.

Creating these special memories is precious to me, and I hope they will cherish them as well, even if their interests change as they grow up. But, deep down, I must admit that I'd be really disappointed if these moments faded away completely—I've come to treasure these wonderful days we spend together.

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