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Introducing Meade Fishing

Five fly-fishing fanatics searching for the ultimate fishing adventure!

Guest post by Sid Hiscox, Meade Fishing

Meade Fishing began in the Pembroke Arms in Wilton after a good night on the local beers. The five of us, me (Sid), my brother Henry, our cousins Monty and George and our mate Declan, had all piled into one bedroom of the Pembroke so we could fish nearby. Wilton sits in the heart of chalkstream country but that autumnal weekend we weren’t there to hunt trout. We were there to fish for our true love: the pike. We had all been fishing since we were young, but it was the pike that caused us to formulate the club. 

The guys from Meade Fishing, photographed by Tarquin Millington-Drake

 Photograph: Tarquin Millington-Drake


That was back in 2018 and we haven’t looked back since. We have spent the last four years fishing all over the place but we are all bonded over not just a love for fishing, but also a desire for a good bit of adventure and having fun with it. Combine that with Henry’s love of filming, and all the gadgets, and we are well set up to capture our adventures (something that accidentally worked in our favour when in March 2020, while stuck indoors we decided to start uploading our footage to Instagram).

Henry and Declan from Meade Fishing

This year has been a wild ride for Meade Fishing. In February we headed out to the Faro River in Cameroon to hunt yellow barb, tigerfish and the awesome nile perch. We almost never made it out of the Douala airport after being accused of being mercenaries, but we were soon on the river, battling the intense heat, and fishing a stretch that had only been fished by 40 before us. After that Monty was down in Columbia fishing for tuna, Declan headed up to Iceland and Henry headed down to Bolivia to tackle the golden dorado. And as I write Henry is currently bobbing down the Orange River in South Africa looking for yellowfish.

Henry and Sidney's successful hunt for Tigerfish in Cameroon

It's not just these adventures in faraway lands that we love though, there is nothing like a homegrown trip. Wading up a chalkstream with nature relaxed around you, and the knowledge that a brown trout or grayling could be one step away is a never ending pleasure. In those moments it's not even about catching the fish, it's just witnessing the beauty around you. It’s also worth reminding people that the UK is not just about trout. Heading after a big mama pike (in George’s case catching Bessie, the 31 pound beauty from our secret fishing hole), or heading out into the Solent to fish for bass while everyone else is using spinners, of course fishing for salmon is a true pleasure, on both big and small rivers, and our new found love is going after carp on the fly.

Meade Fishing having fun on the water

On all these adventures our Orvis gear are trusty companions. Orvis is one of those heritage brands that has been by your side for as long as you can remember and is still there to this day. Henry and I got taught by our mum with her Orvis 4wt and reel, and now, when we load up our 4wts with our Battenkill reels, Orvis is still there with us.

You can keep up to date with the guys' adventures by following them @meade_fishing on Instagram.

Meade Fishing - fly-fishing fanatics searching for the ultimate fishing adventure



Sid, Meade Fishing George, Meade Fishing
Declan, Meade Fishing Henry, Meade Fishing
George, Meade Fishing Monty, Meade Fishing
Sid, Meade Fishing Declan, Meade Fishing
Monty, Meade Fishing Henry, Meade Fishing
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