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The Success of the Fluffchuckers Multi Species Challenge

For the third year running, the Fluffchuckers Multi Species Challenge at Chew Valley Lake was an exceptional success. With 50 anglers taking part this year, a range of top-class anglers from saltwater, trout, and predator backgrounds, as well as people trying it for the first time, came together from all across the UK. This meant a real mix of abilities and backgrounds – exactly what the event was intended to be about, right from its conception.

Fluffchuckers Multi Species Challenge 2022

The event aims to bring trout anglers and predator anglers together, and gives a chance for all fly anglers to have a go at multiple species in one day. The common denominator is the sheer love of the sport.

The format of the event and point system means that if you want to be in with a chance of winning, you really need to target more than one species, but you can target your species of choice and be in with a chance of getting the biggest fish for a species…

Naturally, nothing goes to plan. The top trout angler caught the biggest pike, and the top predator angler caught the one and only brown trout. Another predator angler caught the biggest rainbow trout, and no perch!

This just goes to show the exceptional quality of the anglers involved, and their ability to adapt to any species. Not only can each angler catch different species, but very respectable fish too.

There were some great catches overall, including 38 Rainbow trout, 1 brown trout, 41 pike and the odd Rudd too.

Fluffchuckers Multi-Species Event 2022

This year’s overall winner was Andrew Eglon – who is a very good, solid, all-round angler. Andrew won by a close margin of 10 points, and also won the best combined score with boat partner Andy Cattell, again by a mere 10 points. Andrew should be proud of his achievement – he showed exceptional skill.

In the ‘Biggest Species’ category, top trout angler Roger Truscott won the biggest pike at 26lb, only just ahead of fellow Cornishman Steve Retallack’s first ever pike at 25lb.

Likewise, Rodney Wevill caught the biggest rainbow trout at 4lb 12oz – just bigger than Andy Cattell’s at 4lb 11oz.

Last but not least, and never far from any leader board, the best and only brown trout at 4lb 4oz went to top predator angler, Andy Cheetham.

Rodney Wevill, Organiser of the Fluffchuckers Multi Species Challenge said "Fluff Chuckers - Fly Fishing Fanatics would like to thank all that came and supported the event. A very special thank you to Orvis UK for their continued support with the prizes, Bristol waters fisheries and all the staff at Chew Valley for all their help in making it a smooth-running event. We look forward to running this event again in 2023."


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