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Brought to you by Colin Macleod.

Fishing Rod and net

I have had the great pleasure to fish with a Recon fly rod, paired with a Hydros reel, for the past three seasons, and what a delight it has been! The intrepid duo has delivered 144 mullet to date and still have the appetite for many more. The tally would have read 145 fish, were it not for the very basic mistake! If I could offer ‘5 Top Tips For Catching Mullet’ then right at the top would be ‘Do not try to bully mullet to the net!’

And that is exactly the error I made recently. A large thin-lipped mullet had claimed a tagged Romy’s Sand Shrimp with gusto and rather than play the fish out to facilitate successful netting, I became distracted by the group of large fish that began to feed in earnest, just yards from where I stood. Greed got the better of me and I tried to hurry proceedings with the inevitable result. The mullet was just inches from the net when I applied even more pressure to bring it home and the fly flew audibly past my left ear. The next two fish were played in a more sensible fashion as I paid attention to my own tips for catching mullet. 

So, should you find yourself playing a hard fighting mullet during the competition, resist the temptation to rush things. Instead, take your time, let the fish run when it wishes, show it the respect it deserves.


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