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As the second second annual Orvis Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival draws to a close, we spoke to Claire Zambuni, one of the organisers of the festival about our event partners, YETI.

Claire Zambuni, Founder & Director of Zambuni Communications

We are thrilled to be working with our Orvis Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival partners, YETI, again this year.

Founded in 2006, YETI’s mission was simple – to build a cooler for the serious outdoor enthusiast – one that could take the challenges of being used out in the field and on the water. The products that followed can be used anywhere from fly fishing on the beach to having a few drinks with friends in the garden

Their mantra, ‘Built for the Wild’, inspires a sense of adventure and exploration. Their products are robust and have a global cult following.

YETI fits in perfectly with our life in France. Nestled in a medieval village in the foothills of the Pyrenees, our life revolves around exploring the great outdoors.

We have a walnut grove – ‘Lola’s Grove’ on the River L’Hers where many an hour is wiled away paddling in the cold, clean water, chopping dead wood out of trees, collecting walnuts at different times of the year for different uses, reading and entertaining friends for drinks in this special place. The YETI Cooler is a pretty cool addition to all our gatherings and there’s nothing better than a cold beer after a bit of light tree surgery or a cooler full of a few bottles of Cremant de Limoux – the local sparkling wine to be shared amongst friends.

The YETI tumbler has an outing every morning at 7am. This is the time I head to Lac de Montbel, a mountain lake, for my early morning swim. Some mornings I’ll swim to one of the islands and some mornings, I’ll just go in for a quick di. What is a constant is a tumbler full of hot, steaming coffee in the YETI that needs to be consumed before any activity takes place. It’s a ritual. I sit there, looking at the mountains over the water as the swallows catch bugs close to the river’s edge and a few fishermen start to gather around the lake. As the sunrises I head in for a dip.

This weekend we will be using the YETI Rambler out fly fishing in Chichester Harbour for the festival. Every competitor will have been given a fully bespoke Rambler with the date of the festival engraved on it in their goody bag. The competition is fierce and the competitors will be fuelled by YETI #yetionthefly.

See our collection of YETI items.

YETI at the Orvis Saltwater Festival
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