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The Best Annual UK Fly Fishing Events

Whether you’re an experienced fly fisher or just starting out, there are plenty of fly fishing events around the UK where you can hone your skills, meet like-minded anglers, and upgrade your fly fishing gear.

Here are our favourite fly fishing events, including when and where it takes place, and what to expect from each event.

Beginners Saltwater Weekend

When: June

Where: Chichester

How long: 2 days

Saltwater fly fishing is a completely different experience to river or lake fishing. If you haven’t done it before, the Beginners Saltwater Weekend in Chichester is the ideal place to start.

You’ll need to bring your own tackle, equipment, and clothing — but beyond that, this is a masterclass for beginners looking to hone their fly fishing skills at sea. Expert instructors will walk you through the basics of casting and choosing your fly. You’ll then be able to apply everything you’ve learned over this 2-day event on stunning Hayling Island.

Find out more about the Beginners Saltwater Fly Fishing Weekend.

Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival

When: September

Where: Hayling Island

How long: 3 days

All ages and abilities are welcome at the annual Orvis Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival. This competitive event is designed to bring saltwater anglers together to develop their skills and practice their fly fishing at sea.

In addition to the competitions, the festival also hosts a series of masterclasses with expert anglers. Get top tips on how to catch marine species like sea bass and mullet. Bring your own gear and get ready to meet and compete with other passionate saltwater anglers.

Learn more about the Orvis Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival.

Virtual Mayfly Festival

When: May-June

Where: Online

How long: 2 weeks

Mayfly hatching month runs from May to June, and we celebrate it with a series of online events in our virtual Mayfly Festival. From Q&As with fly fishing experts to back-to-basics tutorials, there’s a session for everyone. We even run special educational activities for kids, so it’s a great introduction to fly fishing for youngsters.

Find out more about the Virtual Mayfly Festival.

Fish In The Reads

When: January/June

Where: Online/Kimbridge

Fish In The Reads celebrates angling authors. It’s your opportunity to interact with some of the most famous writers in the business. Previous guest authors have included David Profumo, Colin Macleod, and Charles Rangeley-Wilson.

We’ve run multiple Fish In The Reads events and the virtual sessions are accessible to people all over the UK. Hear from fly fishing enthusiasts from the comfort of your own home.

Learn more about our virtual Fish In The Reads events and Fish In The Reads Festival.

British Fly Fair International

When: February

Where: Stafford

How long: 2 days

The British Fly Fair is the ideal place to stock up on fly fishing gear, equipment, clothing, and more. With more than 100 exhibitors including fly tyers, fishing tackle stockists, conservation charities, and fly fishing schools, there’s tons to see and do. Plus, you’re sure to go away with something from your fly fishing wishlist.

The BFFI is hosted at the Staffordshire County Showground — a central location for fly fishing enthusiasts around the UK. With fly-tying competitions, junior fly tying lessons, and free entry for everyone, this fair isn’t one to miss.

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Orvis are the leading fly fishing experts in the UK — so we pride ourselves on running some of the most enjoyable, memorable, and informative fly fishing events in the country.

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