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How We Give

5% for nature

Orvis pioneered corporate conservation support in the 1980s when Leigh Perkins began giving 5% of pre-tax profits to conservation non-profit organisations, believing in the importance of preserving natural spaces critical to health and happiness. Since then, our 5% for Nature program has evolved to include customer match programs and has raised and donated millions, to hundreds of conservation organisations and programs that help ensure a sustainable future for fly fishing and the natural world. By giving back to organisations that support habitat conservation, product sustainability, and next-generation participation, we intend to create positive change and create healthier communities and a healthier environment.

habitat conservation
Orvis is dedicated to helping to protect and restore 50 million acres of vital habitat by 2030.

Conserving and restoring habitat has been core to Orvis since the 1960s, from local streams in back gardens across America and the UK to massive ecosystems all over the world. In the wake of an increasingly warming climate, this work has never been more important to the future health of fish, birds, and our outdoor passions. It has evolved to play the vital role of natural climate solutions, helping to keep carbon in the ground and to mitigate the impacts climate change is having on healthy ecosystems.

product sustainability

By focusing on our emissions, materials, and packaging, we have begun our journey toward being climate-positive by 2030.

We believe in leaving our campsite better than we found it and leaving our planet healthier than we inherited it. We are focused on making long-lasting, durable products with responsible materials that reduce waste, water use, and emissions, and to evolving our packaging to biodegradable, recyclable, and ultimately plastic-free.

next generation participantOrvis is committed to introducing 100,000 new younger participants to fly fishing and the natural world by 2030.

Charles F. Orvis started his small fly-fishing business in 1856 with a founding belief that this sport, which so intimately connects you to the outdoors, is critical to health and happiness. Since then, Orvis has been inspiring the world to love adventure and wonder in nature for one simple reason—it makes lives better. The future of our habitats and ecosystems depends on those who find health and happiness in the natural world. 

Through partnerships and programs in Orvis Supports, we strive to create more equitable pathways to the outdoors to sustain and inspire future generations of anglers, and outdoor keepers.

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