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People fly-fishing at Kimbridge beat on the River Test.

Orvis Fly-Fishing Schools

Enjoy an immersive, hands-on experience learning how to fly fish with the experts at Orvis. Choose any of a number of fly-fishing schools and improve your fly casting technique—or learn how to cast if you’ve never done it—and you’ll soon understand the allure of this pastime that describes our celebrated heritage.

Chalk Stream Fly-Fishing Schools

Our chalk stream fly-fishing school offerings include a multitude of options for the novice and the expert angler. Choose a custom, one-to-one package tailored to your skills set, on the River Itchen. On the River Test at Timsbury you’ll enjoy the same individualised attention and the exclusive use of a private, ⅓-mile beat, where you will sharpen your casting skills. Bring all your questions with you: this is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and to build confidence. Or if you’re a more experienced angler, choose our Improvers Fly-Fishing Weekend School, where you’ll learn how to extend your skills and refine your technique.

Beginner Fly Fishing Schools

Our Beginner’s Fly-Fishing Schools offer exceptional opportunities for any novice to step into the world of angling—and there’s no better place to turn for superior fly-fishing instruction than Orvis. Let us take you onto the River Test for one-day or weekend fly-fishing schools. You’ll receive fishing instruction aimed at the complete novice in a small group setting. Our fly-fishing schools for the beginner include lessons on safety, choosing tackle and flies, how to cast, and how to play, land, and release a fish. Enjoy informative lectures on a wide array of topics, including fish habitat, entomology (the science of insects), knot tying, fishing etiquette, and more. You’ll also learn how to read the water and the currents, and finally you’ll test your newly acquired knowledge on the river, under the watchful eyes of our instructors.

Learn to fly fish, or simply hone your skills, with the world's best fly-fishing instructors. With over 50 years of teaching experience and serious passion, you can feel confident that your Orvis School experience will be a great one.

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